How To Purchase and the Step

How To Purchase and the Step in This Shop 

1.  First, If you find Japanese knife, Please click the picture like as follows,

Then the screen move to  the product page you click like as follows,

2. Next, please click [Add to Shopping Cart] icon, then the product is get into Shopping Cart. like as follows,

3. Next, please click [Next] icon, then the Screen is changed to Customer Information Screen like as follows,

 At the screen, If you are first time shopping  in this site and your shipping country is not U.S.A or Japan,
  Please select [ other] as State and write your State and City into Item of [State and City by Text] like as follows,


5. After you will finish to write your all information, Please click, [Go next enroll] icon, then Please make accounts by PayPal Payment.



6.  Then you pay the amount at PayPal payment page.
       It is buying will be finished to buy,  then Thank you email will be arrived to you.