By dozen(1 dozen is 10 pieces)Fugu-biki Knife for balloonfish made by Yasuki Blue-2 Steel Honyaki forged


By dozen(1 dozen is 10 pieces) Fugu-biki Knife for balloonfish made by Yasuki Blue-2 Steel Honyaki forged


Please Attention!
This Knife is sold by only the dozen(1 dozen is 10 pieces )
Then usually these knives are for  a Retail Dealer.

In addition, when you order our knives by the dozen, the delivery date is after at least roughly two months.
Because, Sakai Takayuki  Knives factory have many back order, so,they running at full capacity.
If the knife you order is no stock in the factory,
You must wait roughly three months or cancel the order.
When the knife you order is no stock in the factory we will inform you.

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This is highest grade of Japanese Slicing Knife for balloonfish following in the wake of Japanese swords, featuring a mirror-fish and ebony wood as well as an octagonal handle.

The Fugu-biki is a traditional Japanese style blowfish slicer. ‘Fugu’ or blowfish is traditionally served on a painted plate, and cut so thin so that the design on the plate can be seen through the sliced pieces. A common misconception about the fugibiki is that the knife slices through fish better than the yanagi because of the extremely thin construction. However, the fugubiki is a specialized knife for preparing blowfish and is not recommended to be used interchangeably with the yanagi

About Honyaki Steel
 Honyaki knives are forged from one single material, usually high-carbon steel. The finest honyaki are then deferentially-hardened, the same method used for traditional katana. Their sharpness is the longest lasting of all Japanese blades. They are extremely difficult to forge, requiring a high level of skill and experience. They are very difficult to sharpen and maintain, and easily damaged if not used properly. They are also more expensive than other knives.

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