Santoku Knife for fish made by VG10 Steel multi-layers with Buffalo-handle


Santoku Knife for fish made by VG10 Steel multi-layers with Buffalo-handle


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Santoku translate literally, to “Three Virtues.” It is used for slicing fish, meat, and vegetables. Lightweight and multipurpose, the knife is popular for both home and professional use. The Santoku knife has been called an Asian chef’s knife in deference to its general utility at a variety of cutting tasks. The santoku has a straighter edge than a chef’s knife, with a blunted sheepsfoot-tip blade and a thinner spine, particularly near the point. The blade is from 27 cm to 36 cm long, a true Japanese santoku is well-balanced, normally flat-ground, and generally lighter and thinner than its Western counterparts, often using superior blade steels to provide a blade with exceptional hardness and an acute cutting angle. This construction allows the knife to more easily slice thin-boned and boneless meats, fish, and vegetables. Many subsequent Western and Asian copies of the Japanese santoku do not always incorporate these features, resulting in reduced cutting ability. Some Western santoku-pattern knives are even fitted with kullens, scallops on the sides of the blade above the edge, in an attempt to reduce the sticking of foods and reduce cutting friction. A standard in Asian (especially Japanese) kitchens, the santoku and its Western copies have become very popular in recent years with chefs in Europe and the United States.


About VG-10 Steel 

VG-10 Steel is one of most popular and high ranked Japanese Stainless Steel for sharpness, edge retention and durability. Cobalt added Special high Carbon Stainless Steel, often be called as “Cobalt Steel”. Many of makers use VG-10 for the Damascus blade too.
Especially, VG-10 multi-layers Steel have hardness with ductility !

About Tanaka Kazuyuki knives factory
If you use the great sharp Japanese chef knives made by Tanaka Kazuyuki knives factory, you can not use even if that’s chefs knife made in Sakai that is most famous as sharp chef’s knife ! Kazuyuki knives facotory has more over 1000 years history that is Heian Period that was preceded by the Nara period and began in 794 A.D. after the movement of the capital of Japan to Heian-kyo (present-day Kyoto) in Miki Hyogo. Every knives blade made by the factory true forged by hand of genius craftsmen. The blade of many knives is have many layers that made by hard of them like the blade of Japanese swords.


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