Gyuto made of Kurouchi forging steel with buffalo-handle


Gyuto made of Kurouchi forging steel with buffalo-handle


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The Gyuto is a Japanese designed chef’s knife. Gyutos vary widely in design but generally range from 180mm to 270mm in length though smaller and larger examples can be found. Like the familiar western styled chef’s knife, gyutos are commonly tall at the heel, have a reasonably flat profile toward the heel for chopping, a belly toward the tip of the blade for rock cutting, and a pointed tip for precision work. For most users a gyuto is practically the only knife needed in the kitchen. While specialized knives may be easier to use in some applications, there are few chores that a gyuto cannot do in a pinch. Gyutos are the most diverse type of knives on Chef Knives to Go so users are spoiled for choice in shopping for one but there are several other types of knives that can be considered a complement or even a replacement for a gyuto. Western styled chef’s knives, santokus, banno bunkas, and funayukis are common alternatives to gyutos while some users even use sujihikis or longer petty knives depending on their preferences and specific applications.

About Kurouchi  Forging

Kurouchi is not a type of knife but rather a traditional, rustic finish. Kurouchi roughly translates as blacksmith’s finish. Kurouchi knives retain the scaly residue left from the forging process. The finish reduces reactivity on carbon steel knives, reduces the cost of production, and give the knife a very characterful, rustic aesthetic prized by many knife enthusiasts. Kurouchi finishes vary widely in appearance, uniformity, and durability. Rarely do pictures do these finishes justice as they have a very complex look and feel to them.
The steel of Kurouchi blade made by tanaka kazuyuki knives factory is Blue-2 steel

About Tanaka Kazuyuki knives factory
If you use the great sharp Japanese chef knives made by Tanaka Kazuyuki knives factory, you can not use even if that’s chefs knife made in Sakai that is most famous as sharp chef’s knife ! Kazuyuki knives facotory has more over 1000 years history that is Heian Period that was preceded by the Nara period and began in 794 A.D. after the movement of the capital of Japan to Heian-kyo (present-day Kyoto) in Miki Hyogo. Every knives blade made by the factory true forged by hand of genius craftsmen. The blade of many knives is have many layers that made by hard of them like the blade of Japanese swords.

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