Petty knife made by VG10 Steel 16th layers with PLYWOOD handle


Petty knife made by VG10 Steel 16th layers with PLYWOOD handle by Tanaka kazuyuki factoy


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Petty knife is small utility knife of Japanese design. Pettys can vary significantly in both profile and size, ranging from 75mm to 210mm. Petty knives are very similar to the common western paring or utility knife. While there is no hard rule about where a petty and paring knife diverge or what application each is most adept at, pettys are often considered ideal for small and delicate tasks on a cutting board while paring knives are better employed in hand. Anyone interested in a petty should also consider whether a paring or utility knife may also suit their needs.

About VG-10 Steel
VG-10 Steel is one of most popular and high ranked Japanese Stainless Steel for sharpness, edge retention and durability. Cobalt added Special high Carbon Stainless Steel, often be called as “Cobalt Steel”. Many of makers use VG-10 for the Damascus blade too.
Especialy, VG-10 multi-layes Steel have hardness with ductility !

About Tanaka Kazuyuki knives factory
If you use the great sharp Japanese chef knives made by Tanaka Kazuyuki knives factory, you can not use even if that’s chefs knife made in Sakai that is most famous as sharp chef’s knife ! Kazuyuki knives facotory has more over 1000 years history that is Heian Period that was preceded by the Nara period and began in 794 A.D. after the movement of the capital of Japan to Heian-kyo (present-day Kyoto) in Miki Hyogo. Every knives blade made by the factory true forged by hand of genius craftsmen. The blade of many knives is have many layers that made by hard of them like the blade of Japanese swords.

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